“Our mission is to improve commercial aviation safety through the  provision of practical and memorable training”

Training Solutions for UPRT

UPRT is the method of teaching pilots to maintain control over their airplanes under all conditions. New regulations mandate this safety-enhancing training.

Through the International Committee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes, founded and chaired by IDT, the concept of UPRT was introduced to the world in 2009. With over 35 years experience in simulation, human factors and training, International Development of Technology b.v. (IDT) provides the complete set of UPRT services to the airline and business aviation industry.

Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani 
President, IDT b.v.
Founder/Chairman, ICATEE

  • "IDT is a reliable partner and, with our mutual interest in safety, we are confident their approach will maintain the highest standards in our industry”
    Captain Suheil Abumariam
    Manager, Advanced Qualification Program, Gulf Air Training
  • "IDT’s instructors are highly skilled and have a passion for teaching. It was a very enjoyable course.”
    Captain Magnús Sigurjónsson
    Head of Training, Air Iceland Connect
  • “Without a doubt, we selected IDT, and have been very happy with that choice.”
    Captain Andrew Poh Vi Meng
    Chief Pilot Training, Malaysia Airlines
  • "This UPRT program provided by IDT is a significant step in the right direction for ensuring that the pilots within GoAir are well prepared for preventing and dealing with in-service upset events.”
    Captain Richard Nanton
    Vice President Flight Operations, GoAir

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